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Starship Edsel is a Star Trek inspired farce set aboard the Federation Starship Edsel towards in the early 25th century. It is based upon a LARP written and developed by Brandon Brylawski, who is also a producer and head writer on this show.

The Edsel is a cruiser, Edsel class (the only one), largely regarded as a failure in ship design. Somehow, serious flaws in architecture and engineering were not caught until the prototype ship was completed. From its launch, it has been plagued with mechanical and operational problems that have played havoc with its fitness and combat-readiness, to the point where it became the butt of jokes throughout Starfleet.


Soon it had become a dumping ground for personnel who were considered too disruptive or incompetent for front-line service, but who had not done anything sufficiently egregious to warrant being discharged. Eventually, Starfleet Command sent down an order to retire the embarrassing vessel, to the relief of all involved. But it was not to be. At the last moment, the Federation Council countermanded the directive: a political use had been found for the vessel. The Edsel's new continuing mission:

  • To stay in permanent parking orbit around the vacation planet of Atlantis

  • To deal with vapid and overbearing VIPs

  • To boldly give tours of an "Authentic Federation Starship"!


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Starship Edsel is an improvised farce. Dialogue is improvised. Characters and story arcs are "lovingly" crafted in advance.


Directed by Scarlett Sullivan

Created and Written by Brandon Brylawski

with additional writing by Emilie Hapgood and Carlos Rivera

Stage Manager and Computer: Kenna Bartlett



Edward Neequaye as Captain Jean-Pierre Baptiste

Kelsey Blackwell as Lieutenant Co'Ay

Brandon Drap as Lieutenant Chef Dan Gianutore

Emilie Hapgood as Emergency Medical Hologram Doctor Sigma-18

Matthew Kawa as Lieutenant T'Pang Gah

Mike Mazzella as Lieutenant James Buchanan von Starfleet

Laura Ann Parry as Lt. Commander Tracey Beamer

Carlos Rivera as Counselor J'Errrs'q

Janice Rumschlag as Lieutenant Idalia Opal XXVIII

Bernadette Santos Schwegel as Cadet Cornelia "Corn" Hardstone

Dylan Schaefer as Commander Russell T. Stillwell

Keely Smith as Lt. Junior Grade Vialee Parr

Jeffrey Combs Ensemble: Lilly Bolduc, Christl Climans,

and Croix Perkins

Technical consulting by Dan Granata


Starship Edsel runs 60-75 minutes and will play at 10pm every other Saturday.

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