Improvised Dungeons and Dragons brings classic table top RPGs to life in this 90 minute improvised show! Each week, the audience selects a core cast of adventurers to embark on an epic quest guided by a guest Dungeon Master! Watch as our heroes endure triumph and tragedy, romance and revenge, all while reckoning with the whims of the almighty D20!

All tickets are pay-what-you-can and audience members are encouraged to patronize the bar and donate to Otherworld Theatre! Tickets are available here or at the door. Tickets for the Blue Box Café shows are available here or at the door.

Otherworld Theatre is located at 3914 N Clark St, Chicago, IL. The Blue Box Café is located at 176 E Chicago St, Elgin, IL.

Director: Joshua Messick
Lord of Lightning (Lights): Joe Heyman
Lord of Thunder (Sound): Joshua Messick
Photography: Rebecca Shrom
Original Music: Michael Begrowicz
Producers: John Doychich and Katie Ruppert



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Otherworld Theatre Company is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is registered as a charitable organization with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Contributions to Otherworld Theatre Company are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Neb (Lauren Kincaid)

She’s a very small wizard. As a young halfling, Neb dreamt of concocting a recipe for the perfect lemon tart. After years of intense study at Le Hobit Pastry School, she accomplished her goal, winning the Great Halfling Bake Off six times in the process. In her twilight years, Neb’s moved onto an even grander dream: to concoct a recipe to defeat death. With her undead cat, Butters, by her side, she’s become a formidable necromancer. As Neb always says, “If you can raise brea