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Becoming a Board Member of Otherworld Theatre


Welcome! We are so excited about your interest in joining our family. These are some things we would like you to consider before applying.


• Each Board Member term is one fiscal year, which has the option of being renewed.

• Each Board Members gives $600 Annually, whether it is with a check or an in-kind donation equivalent.

• Each Advisory Board Member is required to attend monthly meetings throughout the year, as well as any necessary special meetings for our annual Celestial Gala or other major events, unless excused by the board president

• Each Board Member is required to attend at least one of each main stage performance and all major events (The Celestial Gala, Paragon Play Festival, Juggernaut Film Festival), unless excused by the board president. It will also be the duty of each Board Member to invite guests to and promote each event.

Here are a few qualities we're looking for in a Board Member:


- Extremely interested in the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy

- Have experience in banking, legal, fundraising, business development or grant writing industries

- Has a connection and/or history with either the Theatre or Sci-Fi/Fantasy Communities, particularly in Chicago

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