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This page is dedicated to Otherworld Theatre's ongoing staff and senior leadership training plans. As additional training programs are initiated, they will be added below.

2021 Professional Development Training Series in partnership with The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.

Building a Culture of Anti-Racism:

A four-month training series (July - November 2021) for members of Otherworld's senior artistic team. A full description is available below:

The focus of the 2021 training series is Building a Culture of Anti-Racism. It will be led by Enrich Chicago ( Those participants who are new to the subject will start with an introductory analysis of race and racism. The series will then go beyond these building blocks to help enable participants to actualize liberated leadership and institutional practices within their organizations.


Key concepts include:


  • Building a shared vocabulary and analysis of race, systemic racism, and the ideology of white supremacy.


  • Understanding and unpacking racial socialization and individual complicity in systems of inequity, then deepening a critical analysis that leads to liberated leadership.


  • Extending critical analysis to strengthen a culture of equity that ultimately supports the actualization of anti-racist vision within and across institutions.


All trainings are led by Crossroads Antiracism. More information can be found at


Crossroads’ mission is to equip institutions with shared language, frameworks, practices and tools that will assist them in:

  • Diagnosing how their institutions are structured to uphold white supremacy culture and systemic racism and;

  • Deploying strategies aimed at animating antiracist ways of being that result in racially equitable institutional culture and practices

  • In recognition that white supremacy dehumanizes people and objectifies the natural world, Crossroads’ antiracist vision is no less than the restoration of all creation.


All trainings are led by Leader Champions Founders Mike Patterson and Erik Treese and more information on Leader Champions can be found at

"Understanding Your Leadership" was an interactive virtual Leadership Development Training broken up into the following sections:

• Locate Your Leadership - learning how to lead from the Below the Line and learning the self-awareness to discern between physical threats and threats to your ego.

• Leading with Courage - unpacking the myths of vulnerability and the importance of clarity and empathy in tough conversations.

• 6 Basic Human Needs - gaining the understanding necessary to connect with people and lead powerfully.


The next series of virtual trainings, which will be scheduled for spring and/or summer of 2021, will focus on the following areas:

"Unlocking Your Leadership" and "Reclaiming Your Humanness" are both multi-day virtual training seminars. As was the case with "Understanding Your Leadership", all staff leadership and members of the Board of Directors will be participating in these trainings.


Unlocking Your Leadership: An Investigation Into Your Own Leadership

  • Inspiration

  • Influence

  • Embodiment

  • Trusted Teams

  • Leading –vs- Managing

Reclaiming Your Humanness: An Investigation Into Emotional Intelligence

  • How to use a basic tool to identify your mood

  • Mood effects: Attention, Decisions, Relationships, Health & Performance

  • Learn to: Recognize, Understand, Label, Express & Regulate Emotions

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