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Otherworld Theatre Company is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is registered as a charitable organization with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Contributions to Otherworld Theatre Company are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

A celebration of nerdom in comedy

The 1st Annual Genre-Thon | August 23rd - 25th, 2019

A full weekend of Geek Comedy at Otherworld Theatre featuring Improvised Star Trek, The Stuntment, Improvised Jane Austen & more!

GenreThon 2019- This Celebration of Geek and Genre Specific Comedy lasts for 3 miraculous days at Otherworld Theatre Company August 23rd- 25th. Featuring some outstanding Chicago Comedy Troupes, such as Improvised Star Trek, Improvised Janes Austen, and The Stuntmen! Plus a special performance from Otherworld's in-house parody team of "A Taste of Manflesh, A Lord of The Ring's Parody" and Out On A Whim Presents: Improvised Dungeons and Dragons, and many more!


Full weekend passes are $30, day passes are $20 ! Tickets to individual shows will only be availiable at the door for $10 per block.


August 23rd Schedule: (No day pass available for Friday. All tickets may be purchased individually. Weekend pass holders will have access.)

7-10pm Mixer in the Otherworld Lobby (Free!)

7:30pm A Taste of Manflesh: A Lord of the Rings Parody (Buy tickets here.)

*9pm Dorothy Does Oz (Tickets Must Be Purchased Separately. Purchase them here.)

*10pm A.M.pocalypse ( For non-pass holders this performance is pay-what-you-can. Purchase tickets here. )

11pm Open Mic (Free!)


August 24th Schedule :

2:30pm Hero's Journey Improv

3:30pm Improvised Star Tours

4pm Joke Concert

5pm Tinderella

5:30pm P.S. Burlesque

6:30pm Double Feature: Lost In Space Time & Improvised Riverdale

7:30pm A Taste of Man Flesh, a Lord of the Rings Parody

*9pm Dorothy Does Oz (Tickets Must Be Purchased Separately. Purchase them here.)

9:30pm Improvised Star Trek

11pm Geekspeare Presents: Shakespeare's "The Room"


August 25th Schedule:

2pm Down In Front, Live! Presents: Saturday Morning Cartoons!

2:30pm The Shrews

4 pm Double Feature: Squatchin' & Moebius Theatre

4 pm Mass St. Productions Presents: I Am Uncomfortable

5:30pm Double Feature: Rodney & Rachel Schrock

5:30pm Double Feature: Unwritten Works of William Shakespeare & Daniel Whightkin

7pm Improvised Dungeons and Dragons

7pm Improvised Jane Austen

8:30pm The Stuntmen

9:30pm Hex Lake

10pm Blooper Troopers


Best of the Fest Awards will be awarded for excellence in Sketch, Improv (Long and Short form), solo performance, and more!