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A new installment of Kitties in Space is back at Otherworld Theatre but this time it’s Christmas — I mean Kitmas! That’s right! Follow our space kitties Whiskers and Spooky as they travel through space and time to save Kitmas from extinction in the new play Kitties in Space: Space Cat Holidays.

Written by John Enright

Directed by Belle Decker and Carson Bartholomew


Whiskers - (Lead) Teenage Kitten. Spooky’s sibling. Adventurous and impulsive.


Spooky - (Lead) Teenage Kitten. Whiskers’ sibling. Reserved. A bit of a mama’s boy.

Device -  (Supporting) Ageless. Robotic with the sole purpose to ask riddles

Time Cop (Supporting) - A roach with a love for following the space time rules. 

Time Judge (Supporting) - All powerful roach with a love of upholding the space time rules

Mouse King (Supporting) - King of mice. Terribly confused on how Beatrix was found on the Planet of the Mice

Beatrix (Supporting) - 30s. Mother of Whiskers and Spooky. Imprisoned on Planet of the Mice by the Mouse King. Owner of the device her children found.

Sandy Claws (Supporting) - 50s. He’s Santa Claus but for Kitmas. Jolly


Rehearsal Dates based on Actor Availability

Showdates: Dec. 8th - Jan. 7th, 2024

No shows December 23rd, December 24th, or December 31st

Stipend: $20 per show


For auditions, please bring one pet story and one comedic 2 minute monologue. We also request you bring your headshot and resume. You may also email your headshot and resume to Belle Decker at

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


Otherworld Theatre Company is seeking volunteer readers to help diversify and streamline the selection process. The company's goal is to further develop a diverse committee of writers, directors, performers and genre theatre enthusiasts to review submissions. Volunteer readers at Otherworld often move on to direct, perform, and develop shows at Otherworld, and they're actively seeking a few new team members. If interested please submit a resume and cover letter to with "PARAGON READER INQUIRY" in the subject line.


·   Please provide up to the first 20 pages of your play OR the first 10 pages and your favorite scene. We will reach out to you if we would like you to send the full script.

·   Your play must be within the genres of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, or contain significant Sci-Fi or fantastical elements.

·   If Science Fiction and/or Fantasy elements are not evident in your selected pages, please describe in your submission how the play is a Science Fiction and/or Fantasy piece.

·   There is no submission deadline.

Submit at  or use the link below.

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