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William’s Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice gets a spectacularly goofy and educational twist! When Ernenzo makes his intentions to marry a human girl known, Bertsanio finds himself in search of a new best friend and roommate. In an effort to help, Elmonio visits the long tormented Osclar the Grouch to make a dangerous deal: a pound of his felt in exchange for 3000 ducks.





Gaby Fernandez* as Elmonio Monster (Antonio)

Matt Keeley as Cookerino Monster (Salarino/Salanio)

Michaela Voit as Grovtiano Monster (Gratiano)

Bayley Pokorny as Ernenzo (Lorenzo)

Alex Albrecht as Bertsanio (Bassanio)

J.J. Smith as Big Birdo (Portia)

Carly Davis as Zoerissa (Nerissa)

Dylan Scheafer* as Osclar (Shylock)

Val Gerard Garcia as Snufflelupelot (Launcelet/Selario)

Katie Ruppert* as Jessica

And Kyle Burch as Frog Prince & Lamb Lord (Portia’s Suitors), Gossip Monster (Salanio), Kyle (Tubal), Count (Duke), Snufflelupelot’s Butt, William Shakespeare & The Waiter



Directed by Joshua Messick

Written by William Shakespeare, Fixed by Katie Ruppert

Technical Design by Dan Sonenberg & Katie Ruppert


Musical Composition & Parody Lyrics by J.J. Smith


Photography Direction by Bayley Pokorny


Puppet Coaching by Gaby Fernandez*


*Indicates Member of the Otherworld Theatre Artistic Team

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