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Sunday's at 7pm

Otherworld Theatre

3914 N Clark Street

Each week, PORTAL-PROV! transports audiences to a different genre-informed world of comedy. Like Star Trek? We'll beam you there! Want to go back in time? Hop in our DeLoran! On the run from the Terminator? Come with us if you want to live! The show is improvised on the spot by our performers along with input from the nerdiest, geekiest, most fun audiences in Chicago. 


Created by Bryce Read and directed by Scarlett Sullivan and Tommy Corts, PORTAL-PROV! features a cast of Chicago’s geekiest improv performers, including Jen Connor, Daniel Bloom, Ilsa Morales, Brandon Drap, Nicholas Marino, Grace Trotta, Emma Rose, Daryn Robinson, Carlos Rivera, Jono Mammel, Mark Soloff, Blake Hood, and Cosmo Coniglio.

PORTAL-PROV! runs approximately 90 minutes including an intermission.

APRIL 28th, 2024 

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