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A town hall discussion surrounding Otherworld Theatre, engaging the public to share HR Review findings and answer questions. 


The Otherworld Theater stages have been dark and management has been offline for the past 6 months not only because of the pandemic but also because we needed time to investigate and reflect on problems that our colleagues and community members urgently brought to our attention. To address the problems responsibly, we commissioned a thorough HR Review that took longer than anticipated. We are sorry for the misunderstandings and uncertainty that delay caused. Now however, we are grateful for the time spent and for the opportunities the Review revealed.


On April 13th, 2021, Otherworld Theatre will be hosting a virtual Town Hall where we will discuss the concerns raised in September 2020. We will be engaging with the public directly to share the findings of our HR review, answer questions that were raised in the past, and answer new questions brought up during discussion. We will also share our ideas on how to address these concerns. We will welcome feedback from the community to shape the future of Otherworld Theatre.


The moderator for the Town Hall will be Aaron Freeman. Aaron is an American journalist, stand-up comedian, author, cartoonist, and blogger. Aaron has years of experience guiding and facilitating conversations involving complex and complicated social topics and will ensure a tough but fair discourse takes place. In order to best represent the community, he is collecting previously posted questions from social media and is asking the community to submit any new questions for consideration to this event specific Google form.


We would like to note that all questions submitted via the Google Form will go directly to Aaron Freeman.


The Otherworld participants of the Town Hall will be Tiffany Keane Schaefer and Dylan Schaefer along with members of the Board.



Aaron Freeman is Artist In Residence of the Chicago Society for Neuroscience and a science vlogger. He spent three years as a performer on the main stage of Chicago’s Second City where his fellow cast members included Bonnie Hunt and Mike Meyers. He hosted the emmy-award winning public television documentary, “Skokie, Invaded but not Conquered.” He portrayed Marley’s ghost in the Goodman Theater’s production of “A Christmas Carol”. For ten years he hosted the television talk show, cleverly titled “Talking with Aaron Freeman” on WPWR-TV. For six years, he was the co-host and chief science correspondent of Chicago Public Radio’s, “Metropolis” and host of WTTW’s science and technology program, “Chicago Tomorrow”. He has authored four books including, “Baby Boomers: From Acid Rock to Acid Reflux”. He also co-created the following with his wife, comic artist Sharon Rosenzweig: “How to Say ‘I love you’ In 30 Languages” and “The Comic Torah, Re-imagining The Very Good Book”. He is a teaching assistant for the University of Chicago’s neurobiology mooc, he performs as an emcee and stand-up comic around the world, and creates humorous science-based videos for the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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