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Chicago's Annual

Science Fiction & Fantasy Independent Film Festival

Juggernaut 2021 | November 5th - 7th | Otherworld Theatre
Short Film • Feature Film • Webseries

The Juggernaut Film Festival is a weekend event celebrating Science Fiction and Fantasy films from around the world. It's presented by Chicago's Otherworld Theatre Company, whose mission is to further explore and promote the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.

The festival prides itself for bringing together the community- from cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers,artists, and casual movie-goers alike- to encourage and support these new and innovative stories in the cinematic arts.

The 6th Annual Juggernaut, which took place on June 2nd and 3rd, 2018 featured celebrity host Gates McFadden know for her work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Tickets are now available for the 2021 Juggernaut Festival in November!

Select Past Films

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