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Announcing Otherworld Theatre's resident Shakespeare troupe, The Stupid Shakespeare Company and their inaugural production; Super Richard World III: It's Just Richard III With Nintendo Characters. Otherworld is renowned for it's deep and nuanced interpretations of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This is not that.

Set in the Mushroom Kingdom, Duke Luigi and Bowserham scheme against Mario and Princess Peach. Meanwhile Diddy Kong sails the high seas to come reclaim his father's throne. A tale of deception and vengeance, "Super Richard World III" decimates the context of the Bard's most famous history play and replaces it with 90 minutes of smiles."

"Otherworld Theatre’s greatest artistic achievement. We will have surely plateaued after this...” - Tiffany Keane Schaefer, Artistic Director

“When presented with this idea, I flipped the table and stormed out of the room. I stand by that decision.” - Dylan Schaefer, Director of Development

"Some people will say we ruined Richard III. Those people are correct." - Katie Ruppert, Managing Director

"When I started founding this company, I was mostly joking." Joshua Messick, Founder of Stupid Shakespeare

We are determined to win awards for our productions. In a desperate grab for prestige, we will offer free tickets to any performance to anyone who carries the name Jeff, in exchange for a Facebook recommendation*.

*Technically making this show Jeff Recommended.

Richard III.jpg

"This play is for anyone who thinks they might enjoy something familiar wrapped in something unexpected. Those equally well-versed in the worlds of Nintendo and King Richard III might receive the highest pleasure from this show , but this reviewer would recommend it to anyone." - Spence Warren, Picture This Post (Highly Recommended/Best Plays in Chicago)

"Brainy as hell and irresistibly irreverent. In this grim cultural moment, this sweet, nostalgic turn surprised the heck out of me and offered my spirit a serious bounce." - KT Hawbaker, Chicago Reader Recommended

"Super Richard World III is truly a hilarious show that is a must see.  It deserves your time." - Rob Southgate, Geek N Out

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