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November 4th, 2023 • Dank Haus Cultural Center - 4740 N. Western Ave Chicago

As you receive your invitation, embossed with ancient runes and sealed with enchanted wax, you realize that you have been chosen. Your journey begins as you enter The Grand Hall of Heroes, a magnificent ballroom that bridges the gap between realms. You find yourself amidst a breathtaking scene - elaborate decorations suspend in mid-air, vibrant lights dancing to a ringing harp, and a room filled with fantastical creatures that gracefully move through the crowd. The very air is filled with anticipation as renowned legends exchange tales and secrets.  Welcome - you are in for a night of an Otherworldly odyssey you will never forget...


Guests experience...


• Enjoy a night of fantastical fundraising for Otherworld Theatre, Chicago's premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy Theatre Company.

• Dress up in formal attire with a touch of fantasy, or go all out in your favorite high fantasy cosplay couture!

• Delight in appetizers and dinner with food stations filled with inspired medieval fantasy cuisine and desserts.

• Indulge in an open bar with three speciality themed cocktails.

• Interact with iconic characters from Otherworld Theatre's past and future productions, as well as other fantastical creatures.

• Participate silent auction filled with all sorts of adventures and prizes.

• Revel in a dance party at the end of the night celebrating all the joy that Otherworld Theatre has brought to the realm.

Dress Code: Formal Attire requested with a touch of fantasy


This event helps Otherworld Theatre continue the inspiring work of creating Science Fiction and Fantasy performances and events. All donations are 501c3 Tax Deductible


Join us, BRAVE SOUL, for Heroes & Legends: Otherworld Theatre Celestial Gala.

Our destiny lies with you.


Give a gift to keep the magic alive at Otherworld Theatre Company!

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor of HEROES & LEGENDS: AN OTHERWORLD CELESTIAL GALA, please email our Director of Development Dylan Schaefer at, or click below.

Scott Brent, John Dreuth, John Enright, Vic Nelson, & Tom Tancredi

Belle Dekcer, Dylan Schaefer, Tiffany Keane Schaefer, Kyra Young, & Ginny Weant

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